The Australian Institute of Flexible Learning has been established since 2005. It is dedicated to training, education and providing an organisation in Australia that provides flexible and varied learning options for all those who endeavour to be educated and empowered in their journeys.

The organisation grew out of the need for a training in Australia that can adapt responsively and flexibly to the everyday learning and educational requirements of individuals and allied health businesses. It was founded through the health care sector and it is still very much run from those in healthcare and business with great passion to further improve our fields of health care and business. It is with that very passion we strive to ensure all our students are not only leaders in their fields at their places of employment, but compassionate, empathetic, and empowered individuals who wear our legacy proudly.

We specialise in Health, Community Services, Mental Health, Ageing Support, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Business courses. These are available throughout Australia and are supported by our highly skilled staff who are experienced Industry practitioners with extensive experience in their Industry areas. In Victoria we offer subsided and funded places – also in traineeships.

Some of our courses involve workplace delivery and assessment, to ensure you gain practical work experience in your chosen career. Where this is the case we can provide you with a unique practical placement experience. One which is diverse in the various scope of practices and where you will experience a range of services that you will be engaged with when on a placement.

We are about providing a meaningful learning experience by giving our students as much control as possible over what, when, where and how they learn.

For us, accessing resources flexibly is not so much about enabling people to gain a qualification online but rather it is about using technology to provide an exciting, highly interactive learning experience that takes advantage of the various resources and technologies available.

It is Empowered Education. Endeavoured.

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