As part of the Pre-Training Review process we use a range of resources to determine your LLN and Digital Skills. We may use the Workplace English Language & Literacy (WELLS) Skills Checks or other resources to assist us in determining  your foundation skill level (English language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills). These skills are fundamental to participation in the workforce, the community and in adult education and training.

Why do I need to do this?

We ask you to complete these Skills Checks, as part of our detailed and personlised Pre-Training Review process, so that we will be able to better support you in your choice of courses. We use this information to determine your strengths and areas of need, ensuring that we can support you on your educational journey with us, as required.

What information do you get?

Your results are based on nationally-agreed frameworks (Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF Levels 0 to 5) and Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework (CSfW Stages 1 – 4),) based on how you answered the questions. These results are an indication only. You can discuss your results with AIFL at any time.

On rare occasions, we may ask you to complete an additional skills check, if we require further information about your skills, so that we can help you to choose the course that is right for you and check if you might need some help during your course.

Where do I get my username and password?

Your username and password will be emailed to you by our friendly Support Services staff during your Pre-Training Review stage.

What computer equipment do I need?

You can use a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox. Do not use a mobile phone. Make sure your computer has the sound turned up before you start, as some questions use voice and audio recordings.

How long does it take?

Each Skills Check area should take approximately 30 minutes, but more time can be taken if needed or you may only require 20 to 25 minutes. Please feel free to take a break between completing each one.

Please use these Instructions if you need some guidance in completing the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool.

Thank you for taking the time to complete these Skills Checks.

For more information please contact us on 1300 854 987,