What will it cost to Enrol?

There are set Fees and Charges for all qualifications offered.  Each enrolment is subject to the following charges:

Enrolment Fee: $350.00 (Payable for every Enrolment)
Administration Fee: starts from $1600 and varies from course to course
Tuition Fee: Varied amounts from $3.50 to $5.50 per nominal hour
* Cert II $3.50 per nominal hour
* Cert III $4.00 per nominal hour
* Cert IV $5.50 per nominal hour

The student tuition fees as published may be subject to change given an individuals circumstances at enrolment. 

All fees are payable upon enrolment.  Your enrolment is not valid until all fees have been paid or a Payment Plan has been entered into.

Please see for 2018 Website Fees – V2.0 for all Course related fees.

Eligibility for Government Subsidised Training

We offer government funded training places under the Skills First program previously known as Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) to students in Victoria who are up-skilling or seeking a higher qualification than they already hold. Please see this page for further details.

If funding is not available to you, we are able to offer reasonable and flexible monthly direct debit instalments. Please contact us to discuss your situation with one of our staff members today.

Government funding User Choice is a national policy governing the flow of public funds to registered training organisations (RTOs). The purpose of User Choice is to make vocational education and training (VET) more responsive to the needs of industry and employers. User Choice is applied differently in each state and territory, according to regional and industry training needs and budget constraints. Please contact us to find out what the AIFL can offer your organisation.

Funding for apprenticeships and traineeships The Australian Government provides incentives to employers of apprentices and trainees. Funding amounts vary and start from $750.00 with extra financial assistance available for certain employers and under different conditions (eg if the apprentice is in a trade experiencing a skills shortage). Please see Australian Apprenticeships for more details or call us to discuss further.

State and territory governments also administer other funding schemes designed to assist employers and their trainees or apprentices. These include: • travel and accommodation allowances • tutorial assistance, interpreter and mentor services • funds for the purchase of essential tools and protective equipment • incentives or exemptions for payroll tax and workers compensation • funding to address skills shortage, growth or emerging industries within the state or territory.

National Skills Needs List (NSNL) identifies occupations that are deemed to be in national skill shortage and is used to determine eligibility for a number of payments available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. The standard commencement incentive is $1500 and the completion incentive is $2500, however conditions do apply. More information about the NSNL is available on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Existing worker incentives Information about existing (or full–time) employee incentives is also available on the Australian Apprenticeships website. The standard commencement incentive varies from $0.00 to $1500; the completion incentive also varies from $0.00 up to $3000, however conditions do apply. Please talk to us about your options for efficiently up-skilling your workforce.

We realise that funding is an important yet complex area so we have experienced staff available to help you. Please call us on 1300 854 987 during business hours.

How many courses am I eligible for?

You are eligible to commence a maximum of two subsidised courses at the same qualification level in your lifetime. This restriction applies whether or not you complete the courses. For example, this means if you have already commenced two courses at the Certificate III level, you may only commence courses at the Certificate IV level (or above).

This restriction does not apply to courses on the Foundation Skills List or to students recommencing training in the same qualification (at the same or a different provider).

Under exceptional circumstances students may apply for an exemption to the rule allowing only two commencements at the same level, enabling them to enrol in a further qualification at the same level.

In addition, eligible students can begin up to two subsidised courses in a year as long as you are not doing any more than two courses at a time.

Eligibility for Concession Fees

Government-subsidised students who are eligible for concessions will pay no more than 20{cb6e6e6d7706a955b25d9dee4a54d9a194f1cd8ee27e7a05ab0385a36e400875} of the standard tuition fee per scheduled hour applicable to their course of study.

You are eligible for concessions if you are:

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (including Diploma or Advanced Diploma course categories),

A non-indigenous student enrolling in all other course categories (i.e. excluding all Diploma or Advance Diploma) who holds one of the following that is current and valid at the time of enrolment: time of enrolment:

– Commonwealth Health Care Card – Pensioner Concession Card – Veterans’ Gold Card

Students eligible for concession will pay no more than 20 percent of the standard tuition fee of a course in all course types except diplomas or advanced diplomas.

Australian Indigenous students are eligible to pay no more than 20 percent of the standard tuition fee of a course.

Please note:

If your concession status changes and you enrol in another course the concession rates detailed above may no longer apply.

Full Fee

If you are not eligible for Government Subsidised Training you will need to pay the full fee.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable upon enrolment by either cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS.  If paying by post please send payment to:

Reply Paid
P O Box 200
Corryong  VIC  3707

Payment Plans

We offers students the opportunity to pay for their course via a payment plan.  Please contact us on 1300 854 987 to speak with a staff member to arrange this.