We are able to offer access to government funded training places under Skills First program previously known as Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) to students in Victoria who are up-skilling or seeking a higher qualification than they already hold. Please see this page for further details.

A copy of our AIFL’s fees and charges can be downloaded here.

If funding is not available to you, then you may be eligible for a concession or we are able to offer reasonable and flexible monthly direct debit instalments. Please contact us to discuss your situation with one of our staff members today.

Concession Entitlements
If you are undertaking training at a Certificate IV or below and are in receipt of certain government benefits, you may be eligible for a concession rate.

The concession fee must be 20 per cent of the RTO’s tuition fee being the fee that the RTO would have charged a non-concession government subsidised student in the same course at that time.

If an individual who was previously eligible for a concession becomes ineligible for the concession before the completion of the hours for which they have paid tuition fees, this does not affect the tuition fees payable for the enrolment.

General Concessions

For enrolments in courses at the Certificate IV level and below, the RTO must charge the concession fee to an individual who, prior to the commencement of training, holds a current and valid:
•Health Care Card issued by the Commonwealth;
•Pensioner Concession Card; or
•Veteran’s Gold Card; or
•an alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister for the purposes of these Guidelines.

The concessions provided for also apply to a dependant spouse or dependant child or a card holder.

The AIFL requires to certified proof of concession eligibility before a fee concession is applied.

AIFL currently does not offer concession for the fees and claim from SVTS.

Government funding
User Choice is a national policy governing the flow of public funds to registered training organisations (RTOs). The purpose of User Choice is to make vocational education and training (VET) more responsive to the needs of industry and employers. User Choice is applied differently in each state and territory, according to regional and industry training needs and budget constraints. Please contact us to find out what the AIFL can offer your organisation.

Funding for apprenticeships and traineeships The Australian Government provides incentives to employers of apprentices and trainees. Funding amounts vary and start from $750.00 with extra financial assistance available for certain employers and under different conditions (e.g. if the apprentice is in a trade experiencing a skills shortage). Please see Australian Apprenticeships for more details or call us to discuss further.

State and territory governments also administer other funding schemes designed to assist employers and their trainees or apprentices. These include:
• travel and accommodation allowances
• tutorial assistance, interpreter and mentor services
• funds for the purchase of essential tools and protective equipment
• incentives or exemptions for payroll tax and workers’ compensation
• funding to address skills shortage, growth or emerging industries within the state or territory.

National Skills Needs List (NSNL) identifies occupations that are deemed to be in national skill shortage and is used to determine eligibility for a number of payments available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. The standard commencement incentive is $1500 and the completion incentive is $2500, however conditions do apply. More information about the NSNL is available on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Existing worker incentives Information about existing (or full–time) employee incentives is also available on the Australian Apprenticeships website. The standard commencement incentive varies from $0.00 to $1500; the completion incentive also varies from $0.00 up to $3000, however conditions do apply. Please talk to us about your options for efficiently up-skilling your workforce.

Eligibility requirements for the Skills First Program include the following:

An individual must be an Australian Citizen; a holder of a Permanent Visa or a New Zealand citizen
Be either:
under 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and seeking to enrol in nationally recognised training; or
over 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and seeking to enrol in nationally recognised training in a course that is at a higher qualification level than the highest qualification held at the time of the scheduled commencement of training.
For more information on Eligibility criteria for Skills First Funding please call Skills Training Australia on 1300 656 669.

Domestic Course Fees
Skills Training Australia has been approved for the Skills First Program (VIC) for eligible individuals seeking subsidised funding for specific courses.

Download the funded course indicative fees here

Skills Training Australia student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment without notice.

Find out more
For more information on Skills First please refer to the Victorian Government Education website.

Approved Courses

Please download our brochure here

We realise that funding is an important yet complex area so we have experienced staff available to help you. Please call us on 1300 854 987 during business hours.